Starvation Mode Debunked – Low Metabolic Rate BS

Debunked by LabShapers

Starvation mode or efficient adaptation to famine lowers your MBR and stops weight loss?

Of course, extremely important for survival, lowering the metabolic rate during rough times allowed us to keep on living, and as such increasing the possibility that we might find some food eventualy…

Does not imply skipping a meal

Starvation literally means NO FOOD for a loooong time. It does not imply skipping a meal or not eating for 24-48 hours. The belief that fasting triggers the so called “starvation mode” is completely BOGUS. It just want to makes us jump in front of a moving and very large truck.

-8% after 3 whole days of fasting

Numerous and recent studies found that the earliest evidence for lower MBR in response to skipping meals occurs after 3 whole days. Even then it only lowers with 8%!! Similar studies show metabolic rate is not affected until 72-96 hours without food. (you do need fluids! Dehydration is ugly!)

Elevated Epinephrine and norepinephrine

Paradoxical and actually a bit logical, your metabolic rate is boosted with short-term fasting. Concrete numbers show an increase of 3.6% – 10% after 36-48 hours. From an evolutionary perspective this makes sense. Elevated Epinephrine and norepinephrine, wich are natural stimulant secreted by our bodies sharpens the mind and makes us want to go hunting 🙂 increasing our survival ratio.

Absurd myth of “starvation mode”

We hope to show and debunk how absurd the myth of “starvation mode” is, and why you don’t need multiple feeding’s per day to keep your metabolic rate burning – especially when you consider that the exact opposite is true and far more logical.

How convenient…

Again some commercial geniuses preach that fasting leads to starvation and causes the fat burning oven to drop below zero. What they FORGET to mention is that the process happens after 60-70 hours of non eating 🙂 How convenient…Let’s quickly grab another protein bar lol!

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  • Chirag Smith

    Good article. I eat one meal a day or every other day and I am lean and strongest and most ripped I’ve ever been. I’m healthiest, most energetic and smartest I’ve ever been thanks to fasting.

    • LabShapers

      Thx for advocating! keep on fasting!

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