Starved Nazi Jews At 1200kcal – Don’t go there!

Debunked by LabShapers

Not a muscle magazine cover, but the mass result of 1200kcal starvation!

The Nazi’s built their horrible detention facilities to imprison AND eliminate so-called “enemies of the state”. To prolong their agony, they where fed between 800 and 1200kcal per day. If you’re thinking in dropping your caloric intake to these absurd levels…Think twice!

Just another day in Auschwitz

At dawn prisoners enjoyed half a cup of imitation coffee or herbal ‘tea’. At lunch prisoners drank one litre of watery soup. Sometimes, if they were lucky, they found some potato peel.

In the evening the banquet would start with a piece of black bread weighing 300 grams, followed by a small piece of sausage, or margarine, marmalade or cheese.

starvation2The majority of their calories came from the fats in the cheese and margarine…Furthermore, your bowl was your life, without your bowl you just dit not eat. Survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau would sometimes take the piece of bread from the body of and inmate who had died during the night…

Starvation sickness

The lack of food, calories, proper macro-nutrients and overall poor diet AND hard labour ofcourse (railroads) caused the prisoners to suffer from true starvation sickness.

They lost almost all their muscle tissue…

Those who became too weak to work and were sent to the gas chambers…The appalling conditions in the camp were made worse by the fact that Auschwitz was located on a swamp. Lice and rats were everywhere…

Don’t go there!

Tempting as it may be to embark or continue with your low-calorie weight-loss plan, boredom and hunger can both undermine your weight-loss goals. It is difficult to set bottom line calories levels for health since everyone has a different body composition and their metabolism and activity levels are very different.

In order to keep living you need a MINIMUM of 1200-1400kcal. Regardless of your gender or activity levels!

Not taking in enough calories can cause your vital organs to stop functioning properly. In short -> don’t go there! starving yourself won’t get you a healthy and enjoyable physique, but a coffin!

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