We Suck at Counting Calories and Logging Foods

Debunked by LabShapers

Let’s face it, we are really, really bad at measuring and remembering what we’ve eaten

And when we do make an effort to be more conscious of what we’re putting into our mouth, we tend to neglect certain snacks or assume that puny table spoon of this or that does not count and give ourself more credit than we deserve. (Tablespoon of peanut butter equals 90kcal!!)

Underestimate the calories we consume

We even tend to overestimate our physical activity. Mmmmk that 30 min. run was gruesome! Let’s have a double cheese and Mayo sandwich that we earned… We also underestimate how much calories we take in. We consistently think we have worked out more and eaten less. Worst of all we blame our slopping metabolism interfering with our progress…

Calories in side and dressings

The assumption that our brain can provide exact and accurate reproductions of past behaviour is indisputably false. It’s not that memories aren’t reliable, but we often overlook the calories in side and dressings we habitually devour. Black coffee has just about 2 calories, but add the cream and sugar and there you have your 25-150 calories per serving. Repeat a few times and the process is far more significant.

Our portion sizes are ridiculous

Single servings have ballooned. Some foods show an increase of a whopping 140%. What most would consider a serving of ice cream, has almost become a soup bowl of ice cream. 10 large spoonfuls is totally ridiculous!

Calorie-counting noobs need an app

Beginners need an easy-to-use calorie counter app with a large food database and a kitchen scale. Scan the darn bar code before eating and you’ll have correct stats of what you actually take in. Try it and do share if your pre-app intake exceeded your BMR or caloric goals. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/calorie-counter-diet-tracker/id341232718?mt=8

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