Sugar Cravings Survival Guide

Debunked by LabShapers

Sugar Cravings are gruesome! How do we survive the need for sweet?

You know what cavemen craved back in paleo days? Well, no, you don’t, And neither so we. Nor does anyone. But …if we had to guess… they craved SWEET. Babies crave sweet. Everyone craves sweet…

Stop sugar intake for 6-8 weeks

One way to stop sugar cravings is to go off it for 6-8 weeks until craving become manageable. Once you lose your taste for sugar, you will be amazed at how easy it is to say no to sugary things. Once you have your cravings under control, you will find that you can eat the occasional treat without making you go high-wire.

Chromium picolinate and milk

chromium picolinate is a neat little mineral that helps with sugar cravings and helps to keep your blood sugar level stable. You should be able to get it at chemists, drug stores or general health food shops.

Milk has both fast and slow digesting proteins and lactose (a type of sugar), and can be a solution when cravings are really strong.

Low fat milk has some fat in it to further slow down the digestion and provide legit satiety.

More about understanding

It’s less about surviving and more about understanding. While there may be nutritional reasons for craving sugar, more often than not it’s emotional. When we crave sweets…

we often are really craving “sweetness” in our life

Sugar cravings aren’t just your taste buds talking, they’re often mental, hormonal, and emotional. In the end, don’t let sugar dominate your life! And do have your occasional chocolate chip cookie!

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