Super-Simple Weight-Loss Without Diet or Exercise

Debunked by LabShapers

Want to lose a few? Drinks water before your meals…

Overpaid “Scientists” discovered the role that water plays in weight loss. And it’s leading to some “ground breaking” findings about how it affects our appetite and hunger.

More brain activity

A new study, unveiled at the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behaviour, researched the interactions of water with our brain.

Participants who drank more water experienced elevated hunger suppression and felt more satiate than those who only sipped some water.

But most importantly, they noticed more brain activity in the H²O bingers.

Monitoring urine output

The study focused at what would happen to the overall body composition if people drank lots of water before meals. On average, people who drank water 3o minutes before their meals lost significantly more weight over the three months study duration. To make sure if they were sticking with the plan, the scientists surveyed the participants by monitoring their urine output.


The researchers say there are many factors that can contribute to weight-loss, increase in exercise, lifestyle & diet changes, even mood…
and of course they tracked most of these parameters over the course of the study.

Surprisingly what contributed to the weight loss wasn’t exercise…

Changes in participants’ meals did the trick. The water-binging-whales consumed fewer calories at each meal.

Smart researchers?!

So what did the researchers conclude? a decrease in calories at each meal leads to fat-loss?! AND by drinking water before the meals, you fill up your stomach, making you feel less hungry… Seriously, where did these guys got their Phd? And why is good tax money being spent funding these clowns?

Water is important but…

The results from this useless study seem to back up the obvious…

Water intake is important, and we do need enough water to support our bodily functions

keep the metabolism spinning and just plain live. Before embarking on noahs’ ark, keep in mind that water is essential but it’s no miracle body re-composition substance. So, in everyday life, just listen to your body and when thirsty, drink normal amounts of fluids.


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