The 4-hour body by Timothy Ferriss

Debunked by LabShapers

In the book “The 4-hour body”, Timothy Ferriss describes his version of the slow carb diet. Despite many similarities with pre-existing protein diets, Tim claims he has made this diet even more effective and easier. 4 pounds of fat shedding (some even more) in 1 month time without exercise! sounds to good to be true?

This diet aims to burn up to a maximum of fat by keeping blood sugar constant. Everything you eat is aimed at preventing insulin spikes. No calorie counting or starving. Eat as much as you like but mind the importance of some specific and important ingredients. But that’s not all, one day a week just go completely berserk and binge! Slow carbs diets are all about a few simple rules.

Tim chooses a number of recipes and keeps repeating them. Sounds boring, but besides being effective, it’s also the easiest way to keep track of your food intake. Shopping is also very easy! Tim recommends using this method. No bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, Avoid white carbohydrates. These are blazing fast converted into simple sugars and cause the large unwanted fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. These fluctuations / insulin spikes cause the fat storage engine to kick in! …

No dairy, fruit (juices) or soda

Do not drink any calories, dairy products, fruit (juices) and soda (except on your “cheat” day). Dairy contains lactose and fruit contains fructose, these are sugars that strongly spike insulin and are therefore excluded. Soft drinks also contain lot’s and lot’s of sugars, and the diet-coke alternatives often contain aspartame, which would also stimulate fat storage.

No hunger

By eating slow carbs, the slow release of energy may also suppress hunger. Make sure you eat enough because low-carbohydrate foods also contain low calories. Make sure that each meal contains at least 20 grams of protein…

So what does Tim suggests?

Below is a list of foods that are best suited for this diet. The “*” have been proven (?!) to be the most effective:

Meat fish:

* Egg (without yolk)
* Chicken breast
* Beef
* All kinds of fish


* Lentils
* Black beans
Pinto beans
Kidney beans
Soy beans


* Spinach (by far the best vegetable for this diet)
* Mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and other cabbage)
* Sauerkraut
Green beans

Drink a lot (water) and buy supplements?

Buy a big refillable bottle and drink at least 4 times a day. This helps you to handle the extra protein and waste disposal. In addition to water, you can also drink black coffee or tea. Because you lose a lot of fluids, there is also a chance that you lose essential minerals. Therefore, Tim recommendeds taking a tablet of magnesium, calcium and potassium 2 times a day. These can be found in any drug store.

Does it work?

We gave the 4-hour body a spin for a couple of weeks. And in all honesty we do prefer Martin’s IF protocol. Slow carbs, odd ingredients, supplements and repetitive identical meals are just not maintainable in the long run. Body composition did not improve, nor did it deteriorate… But…it might work for you!

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