The notorious yo-yo effect! We end up gaining an extra 5 pounds

Debunked by LabShapers

Everyone knows the notorious yo-yo effect: while dieting you lose weight, but in retrospect we end up gaining an extra 5 pounds.

Researchers have shown that this is very bad for our body and there is even evidence of negative effects on our immune system.

The problem
Often you will be required to eat things you would never eat. Conversely, you can also eat certain things not because they are unhealthy. You do this because you know it’s temporary, and because it gives you a sense of control over yourself. In this phase, you lose a lot of weight and it all goes quite smoothly. Over time, you start to get tired and you get more and more meaning in everything that is forbidden.

This goes along with decreasing energy, because you are taking very few calories. You will binge occasionally and eat something that is not allowed, or skip certain rules. Ultimately, you’re back to square one: you are completely fallen back on your eating habits.

Diets and your metabolism
Diets have a bad effect on your metabolism. By constantly taking in too few calories, your body will slow down your metabolism. This ensures that your body needs fewer calories per day to fulfill all its functions. It will also burn fewer calories, so you need to make more effort to lose weight. If you do not play sports on top of your diet, you lose, furthermore muscle. This again slows your metabolism, causing you still need to take fewer calories to lose weight. When you stop your diet, your weight is coming back as fat instead of muscle. You’ll end up in a vicious circle where you have to eat less to lose weight yet.

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