Weight loss shakes are a scam! here’s an honest why

Debunked by LabShapers

Weight loss shakes, Oh my! The holy grail of deception. Making huge profits again and again with a huge smile towards the ignorant and uneducated! LIES LIES LIES!

Weight loss shakes shakes are widely used by people who want to lose weight desperately. And are willing to try almost everything. Truth is, that the masses are being fooled like chimps in a zoo. The main ingredients of these so called health shakes are sugar (makes it njammy, and makes you wanne buy more) and an artificial sponge like filling material. That’s it… throw in some strawberry flavor, design a neat package (usually with some shredded, lean athletes on them) and… DONE!!!

Please think twice, if you are considering buying weight loss shakes…EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Shake Protein Sugars Fats Fiber
Modifast (vanille) 37,00% 27,00% 4,90% 10,60%
Herbalife 34,60% 32,70% 8,80% 9,60%
Dr. Atkins 49% 7,20% 20% 11%
Cambridge (800) 23,90% 35,90% 5,60% 4,60%
Cambridge (500) 36,10% 32,10% 6,90% 3,30%
Superfood shake 22,00% 57,00% 10,00% 7,00%
Action shake 21,10% 42,80% 9,20% 0%

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a group of science nerds, tired of being out of shape. We were bullied, made fun of, No more! We debarked on a journey. A journey of seeking the truth. Not as jocks, but as scientists. Learn from us and be amazed...

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