Weight loss and vegans! make no mistake a carb is a carb

Debunked by LabShapers

Some Vegans claim their way of life has the best weight loss results overall.

Vegetarian and vegan menus contain more fiber and can benefit from an extended feeling of satiety and delayed hunger pangs. Still…whole grains, beans, fruits, seeds & kernels… makes you miss on some darn goodie dishes! Nooo Pancakes…oh my!

With that being said, if you where to ingest 50 banana’s a day; 110 calories each, 5500 calories in total, you would without a doubt see your bathroom scale skyrocket 🙂 Fiber or no fiber, a carb and calorie are energy and energy can not disperse into thin air. Farts maybe, but no… the law of thermodynamics is still applicable.

In other words, with 50 banana’s per day, you would get fat as hell!

Nevertheless, there are some perks, like the massive amount of micronutrients. On the other side, B12 and calcium need to be supplemented. Pros and cons, but a fail proof weight loss lifestyle it certainly is not!

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