Western Nutrition Guidelines are Plain Wrong

Debunked by LabShapers

“triangular” nutrition guidelines are plain wrong and only serve economic purposes

Since the 70’s, when the first food pyramid appeared in Sweden, “triangular” nutrition guidelines have been used by more then 25 other countries worldwide.

The Fallacy of the food pyramid

2011USDA_Food_PyramidCereals, grains, bread, pasta and mostly starchy carbohydrates should be at the base of the diet. Fats near the top of the triangle, as a “moderate use” category and somewhere in the middle, there’s meat and other protein sources.

Western “modern/civilised” countries have been teaching these so called wisdoms since elementary school.

Why? Want the real truth? The abundance of starches in comparison to meats…

glutenfreeA pure economic “feed the masses and keep them happy” indoctrination. When it comes to the traditional food pyramid, we’ve barely scratched the surface of how the food and agricultural industry can exert lobbying and power


slide_28439_288476_freeWhat if modern research and studies suggest that the pyramid should be pear-shaped? In other words, 40% starches, 40% protein en 20% fats. And that those ratio’s would result in healthy Living and heavy Lifting.

Back in the day, the old-school body builder’s diet was the infamous 40:40:20.

Could it be those meat-heads where on the right track? But more importantly, could it be that our eastern neighbours already knew this was a far more better feeding pattern? You might want to check their food pyramid. Obesity rates are way lower in China and Japan (40% USA / 10% China / 11% Japan) http://www.worldobesity.org/resources/world-map-obesity

Ideal healthy meals

More and more Western institutions are dropping the fallacy pyramid and embracing alternatives. It’s our tax-funded government’s duty to make it easy for us consumers to see what an ideal healthy meal should look like, without too many restrictive details.

There is movement, but unfortunately we still have a long, long way to go…

Nowadays we have the tools to acquire facts, and do our research. Let’s educate our children now and provide them with a healthier future!

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