Why Wild Animals Don’t Get Fat – What Can We Learn?

Debunked by LabShapers

Seen an overweight dear? or a corpulent moose…Nearly impossible!

When we humans get easy access to cookies and cream many of us end up with a spare tyre around the waist. “But what about wild animals”. One of our readers rightfully stated he never saw an overweight dear. They also have – more or less – the same body composition. So what’s the deal with that?

Nearly impossible

It’s extremely difficult for wild animals to get too fat. from a pure evolutionary perspective, carrying to much dead weight(excess fat) around you are going to have difficulties moving.

Acquiring food, hunting and escaping predators becomes difficult with excess dead weight

Consider a fat puma. It wouldn’t be able to outrun it’s prey.

Large herbivores

It’s fairly easy to understand that predators have to stay lean and mean to fill their stomachs. But what about the large herbivores without many dangerous enemies? Giraffes for instance, when confronted with a huge tasty tree buffet plain. Do they get fat?

large herbivores eat loads of food that is almost indigestible. They need huge amounts to get sufficient nutrients and calories…

It takes a long time to ingest that crazy amount, leaving their energy budget barely out of the dangerzone.

Human applications and similarities

Animals do gain weight when there is a surplus of food. It’s still energy that can’t evaporate. Bears for instance bulk up in the summer and are fairly chubby when the leafs start to fall. But when winter comes, the surplus is burned away. That’s how it could work with humans too!

humans are a tropical species adapted to a natural habitat with little or no food. We are fat-storage machines designed to put on weight and survive famine.

But now, in most cases that is, there is no famine. 24/7 instant food availability. We never get the chance to burn the surplus away like we where intended to. So we get fatter and fatter, with all the associated health problems…

Adapt as time passes

Lesson? Simple, we need to adapt as time passes and reintroduce virtual famine by intermittent fasting. We can already observe the benefits as more and more awareness, studies and test-subjects rise. Those who can handle access to knowledge stay healthy. If we had lived out in nature like other mammals, natural evolution would have taken care of overweight.

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