Apps & Games To Train Our Temptation Hassled Brain

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Apps & Games are becoming a popular, modern Weight-loss technologie. A refreshing approach…

Train the brain to resist temptation! Drexel University Psychologists have developed a videogame aimed at fighting un-healthy eating urges before they strike.

A computer game to resist sweets

Drexel researchers claimed they have found a futuristic solution. A game designed to improve inhibitory control. Unhealthy cravings such as massive amounts of freshly baked donuts – practically begging you to just let yourself go – would be a thing of the past.

A genuine addiction

Millions of people are trying to lose weight by trying to reduce calorie intake. Wich in essence is a reasonable way (CAL_IN VS CAL_OUT).

Pretty much everyone deviates from their diet plan when accidentally or on purpose over restricting calories.

We know that successfully cutting back on sugars is extremely difficult. Many scientists even regard it as a genuine addiction.

Does it work?

No public release or screenies of the game are available yet. Trials are ongoing at the moment. We do know that players are instructed to press certain keys to respond to different types of images…Some sort of nazi-brain-washing contraption?

Study participants are asked to complete 10 minutes of computer training every day for 6 weeks. A manageable and reasonable amount of effort.

We will be monitoring this very interesting and refreshing approach and keep you informed! To be continued – without a doubt – stay tuned…

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