Workout Without Any Gainz

Debunked by LabShapers

You have a good time at the gym, or try to workout regularly at home, but the results never manifest?

Multiple mistakes may lurk around the corner…

1. Too much cardio

Want to grow those muscles? Stop doing so much cardio! Your body drains the resources and nutrients reserved for muscle growth. Strength training is the part you should focus on. Grow your muscles, do some HIIT and that’s what helps you burn more fat.

2. Light weights

Weeks and months lifting the same weight will not help you to grow muscle. You must challenge your muscles…tear them down so that you force them to produce new muscle tissue. Easy lifting those light weights, but you need to gradually move towards the real work.

3. Insufficient sleep

Adequate rest is important for building your muscles. Sleep gives them them time to recover, repair and secrete that sweet growth hormone.

4. Inconsistent training

One week you hit the gym five times and the week after you just bail out. You can not progress with inconsistency. Try tuning and planning your workouts well and include sufficient rest days. Also, make sure you do not always focus on the same body parts. Train each muscle group and stick to the compound exercises.

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