ZERO calorie light products don’t fool our brains

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Sugar free zero calories? Don’t expect too much. A new study shows that light products don’t help in the long run.

In a recent study conducted by the Belgian and Dutch researchers Kathleen Cleeren (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Kelly Geyskens (Maastricht University), Peter C. Verhoef (University of Groningen) and Joost Pennings (Wageningen University), They concluded an published their research in the scientific journal “International Journal of Research in Marketing”. The paper will appear later this year, and we will keep u posted.

Although light products contain fewer calories, it does not help to lose weight. “People feel guilty when they eat high caloric foods, but if they switch to light, they seem to eat more, hence ingesting the same amount or even more calories than before.

Why? Perhaps the fact that our brains crave real sugar and identify artificials. Light products keep our taste buds happy, but not our brains and hormones. The brain likes the dopamine and therefore gives a signal by which we consume more sugar.

Groundbreaking research

This is the first time that these long-term effects have been observed by scientists, which makes this study groundbreaking. Many countries fight obesity

better information
Light is not bad, but we must be aware of the psychological impact. If we want people whom are overweight to actually ingest fewer calories, we need to educate them better.

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